Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obsidian V3 - JK2 Official Froyo Based 2.2 - Team Whiskey

The Devs from Team Whiskey have done a really nice job on this ROM, as they usually do. In Obsidian V3 you'll find that TouchWiz is the launcher of choice. Now before you count this ROM out, just know it is as fast and as smooth as any other launcher, thanks to Team Whiskey. Team Whiskey has removed any lag you may remember from the old TW launcher. They also overhauled the entire UI and made it black. The UI enhancements look stunning and believe it or not give you better battery life! Team Whiskey found a great way to use TouchWiz with out it being annoying,ugly, and klunky like it is stock. There is one small issue with this ROM, the RIL settings may reset causing your phone to enter airplane mode. If this does happen to you, the fix is quite simple, just reboot your phone once and it should never happen again. Oh and one last thing! It has Voodoo5 Support! Now its time to check out the features.

Rom Features:

  • Added ext/2/3/4 support
  • Modified custom Init script - sombionixInit
  • Cfq I/O scheduler modification for faster read/writes
  • VM management modifications
  • Internal memory handler set to strict on boot
  • Internal CPU governor set to conservative on boot for speed/battery balance
  • Updated market
  • Updated rommanager
  • Updated Swype to new beta 5 for better accuracy
  • Adb push to /system fixed
  • Preinstalled flash 10.1
  • Supports bootanimation.zip
  • Heavily modified framework-res
  • Modified TouchWiz launcher and removed all lag
  • Custom wallpapers
  • Removed wifi calling - you can reinstall in manually if you'd like, but fyi, the app was not built well, it is constantly running in the background shooting out errors. This is not a rom issue, its the app and happens in all roms that include the wifi calling app.
  • Auto zip align all apps on boot
  • The rom with voodoo is voodoo beta 5 and DOES support larger nand chips
  • Went with a black theme to reduce battery usage. Roughly 60% of battery drain is contributed to the display. Our samsung AMOLED screens can activate individual pixels, therefore, using black deactivates pixels and reduces battery drain.
More detailed information about this ROM can be found at XDA-Developers.

This ROM is light years better than any ROM that Samsung has released to date! I rcomend this ROM to the people who like TouchWiz but at the same time want more optimization, function, and form. 

Verdict: 4.8 out of 5, Flashing this ROM will be one the best modifications you can preform on you Vibrant.

Make sure to check out this ROM and others over at the 

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  1. I'm sold! I'm only going to wait until it's out of Beta. I can wait on Samsung no longer. Thank You in advance, TW!