Friday, November 19, 2010

Axura 2.0.3

This is the first ROM i have flashed by Master™ and Devs4Android, so i wasn't quite sure what to expect. I figured the ROM would be fast and stable, which it was. What i didn't expect was to see a ROM with so much eye candy that could still preform with out a hitch. Axura has been themed HEAVILY and it looks beautiful. The theming includes awesome transition animations that i have not seen on any other ROM release to date. This ROM also gives you the option to chose your lockscreen, you can pick between four different lockscreens(puzzle lock, android lock, glass lock, and epic lock). The tone throughout this ROM seems to be choice and that is a great thing. The Devs have given you a choice of four different launchers(launcher pro, ADW, Zeam, and a custom TouchWiz launcher). It was hard for me o settle on a particular launcher at first, since they are all wonderfully integrated. Finally i decided to stick with Zeam. It lets you customize most of its features, and includes a well implemented scrollable dock! Now on to the good stuff!

Rom Features:

  • Bloatware Removed
  • No Boot/Shutdown Sounds
  • Switch Anims
  • Custom Boot Animation
  • Accurate Battery Mod
  • 4 Lockscreens
  • Flash Player
  • 100% Deodexed
  • Themed USB Connection
  • Themed Contacts
  • Themed Market
  • Themed Weather Widget
  • Themed Gallery
  • Themed Web
  • Themed Signal
  • Themed Lockscreen
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • Custom Stock Wallpapers
  • Galaxy Tab Email App
  • Epic Camera
  • FFC Mod Support
  • Custom Default Font
  • Extra Font Compatibility
  • Pre-Rooted
More detailed information about this ROM can be found at XDA-Developers.

Uploading Video

The Devs from Devs4Android really seem to know what they're doing and what they want from there releases. They themed this ROM extremely well, with one exception. I would have liked to see the toggles in the notification bar match the toggles for the power control app, but thats nothing major. All in all this ROM is impressive i Recommended this one.

Verdict: 4.99 out of 5, almost perfect in my opinion, tell me what you think of this one!


  1. great rom but when I do lagfix from the android market, it reboots itself and won't move past the boot screen then I have to reinstall it all over again. am I doing something wrong?

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  3. hi author, i'm happy to read your post here. i'm totally newbie in rom stuff. can you please tell me which of these ROMs are Froyo? I'm desperate to update my Vibrant to Froyo, which the stupid Kies wouldnt let me do so.

    Also, can you point me at the right instruction on how to ROM my device? I google-ed around, but no finding any guide that i can understand.

    Thank you.

  4. Anyway to get wifi calling and mobile hotspot with this? Also has the FFC "banding" issue been fixed? Thanks guys! This ROM is amazing! Have it right no and it is tons better than eclair!